Jump Sessions 2024

Retro Rabbit hosted an extraordinary Jump Session this month at our Rabbitania offices. The purpose of these sessions is to provide university students with a unique opportunity to experience a day in the life of a Software Developer. They get to build an app using a predetermined tech stack, immersing themselves in the world of software development. As they arrived, students were greeted with enthusiasm and divided into two teams, each led and mentored by experienced Retro Rabbit developers.

The day kicked off with an introduction to the technical framework requirements for their projects. Team 1, fueled by their creativity and guided by their mentors, embarked on creating an innovative airline travel booking application. This app was designed to simplify the travel planning process by allowing users to input their departure and arrival dates, select their preferred airports, and receive a comprehensive display of available flights complete with timings and prices. Meanwhile, Team 2 took on the challenge of building a dynamic movie blog website. Their vision was to create a platform where movie enthusiasts could explore a curated collection of films, read short descriptions, and engage with the content. The website featured an interactive homepage with a grid of movies, each linked to its respective page with more details. Additionally, the team incorporated an 'about us' section to provide insights into their project and a 'contact us' page for user inquiries and feedback.

As the day progressed, the teams immersed themselves in coding, debugging, and refining their projects, leveraging their mentors' expertise and collaborating seamlessly to overcome challenges and bring their ideas to life. The office buzzed with creativity and determination as the students worked tirelessly to meet their project goals by the end of the day. By day’s end, we were presented with two fantastic app presentations, where both teams showcased their hard work, innovative features, and polished designs.

Thank you to Dory Hanekom, my student ambassadors' team member, as well as De-hann du Plessis, Sonia de Loureiro, and Ntokozo Mgwenya who played a pivotal role in organizing and planning this event. Special appreciation is also extended to our developers, Rikus Poolman, Frans Rosslee, Dylan Vanhout, and Matthew Schoeman, who generously shared their knowledge and guidance on the day. To the students who took on the challenge, thank you for bringing your absolute best; we are so proud of you all! We look forward to more collaborative and inspiring events in the future.

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