Hidden Mountain Music Festival - A Fun and Fiery Night

On May 12, 2023, the second edition of the Hidden Mountain Music Festival took place in honour of our 19th birthday as a company! We're almost not teenagers anymore! All in all we raised over R16,000 for Gift of the Givers, as well as just under 100 blankets for those in need in Gauteng's seriously chilly winter. Thank you SO much to everyone for your donations. The evening was filled with drums, music, fire, and great company, providing a chance for everyone to let loose a little and enjoy fantastic live performances. Here at Retro, we have a deep appreciation for live music in beautiful settings, and this event directly spoke to that.

To kick off the evening, as the sun set behind our hidden mountain, DrumSound, led by Tore Gune and his team, welcomed everyone with an incredible drum circle. It set the perfect tone for the evening, and was particularly enjoyed by the kids in attendance. Following the drum circle, we had the pleasure of experiencing Farai Matake, who skillfully blended the Mbira, Marimba, and guitar in a reggae and world music style that mixed elements of many Southern African music styles.

Now, for our loyal Retro Rabbit enthusiasts, Yo Grapes needs no introduction. As the solo act of Craig Durrant, drummer of local indie/rock darlings Desmond and the Tutu's, Yo Grapes solidified his position as a favorite at the festival. Speaking of favourites, let's delve into Parkiegra$! How do we even begin to describe Parkiegra$? Their gritty Afrikaans rap draws from a wide range of stylistic influences, creating a truly unique sound. While their music captivated us, our attention was equally taken up by the incredible Kelsey, our fire dancer for the evening, who lit up the night, perfectly complementing the electric energy.

And then, it was time for one of own own, our headliner of the night—Black Heidi. All we can say is, WOW. They took the stage and absolutely blew us away. Their electrifying presence and powerful sound had everyone on their feet, dancing, singing, wanting more. We have no doubt that this group is destined for great things in the South African music scene and beyond and we love having such talented Rabbits as part of our team!

Lastly, for those of us who were still in the groove, DJ Jinji provided an incredible mix of Afrohouse, amapiano, and soulful melodies. We kept our dancing shoes on, and the night concluded on a really fun note. If you missed out this year, be sure to join us next year for an unforgettable experience!

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