Dancing in the Rain: Retro Rabbit's Memorable Year-End Send Off!

As the clock hit 12 on a scorching hot day in Pretoria, Retro Rabbit's year-end function revealed itself in its beautiful rustic farmhouse setting ☀️.

The atmosphere was a perfect blend of modern charm and rustic comfort with crates, cushions and marquees creating a laid-back vibe that set the tone for an unforgettable day 🤩.

Embracing the ‘Meme’ theme, Rabbits brought their A-game, transforming into iconic characters such as Salt Bae, Look-at-this-photograph Nickelback, Mr. Worldwide Pitbull and even our CEO transformed into a Squid Game contestant with the iconic green tracksuit. 

The food was as diverse as our Rabbits, with food trucks offering everything from biltong to boerewors rolls, and paella to bao buns. To beat the heat we we were treated to unlimited waffles and ice cream as the perfect way to cool down🍦🌭.

Jumping from conversation to conversation, we reflected on the year gone by. Some took a refreshing plunge into the pool while others gathered around the bar for fruity G&T's or a nice cold beer 🍻🍹.

The vibrant and laughter-filled conversations flowed as Rabbits celebrated their accomplishments and shared moments of joy. 

As our Squid Game CEO called us to gather, we took a moment to honour the stars of Retro Rabbit who dedicated a decade or more to our company or who have gone above and beyond in their roles. They were gifted a plaque to show their commitment and a shower of champagne to thank them for their unwavering dedication to our company 🍾👏.

The creative spirit of Retro Rabbit truly shone through as Rabbits sat around with Canvases and easels, expressing themselves through art. Even the Devs had a go at their hidden artistic talents 🎨👨‍🎨!

The highlight of the day was when we all got pulled away from our canvases and from the bar to participate in a gamified silent disco. Rabbits were eager to put on their headsets and head to the dance floor. We mingled, shared dance moves and let loose the spirit of 2023 🕺🎶🎶. 

As the first few raindrops fell, the dance floor transformed into a euphoric celebration, proving that nothing could dampen the Retro Rabbit spirit.

The rain intensified but so did our determination to keep the joy alive, we danced and laughed until the rain came pouring down. Rabbits scrambled to get to shelter and along the way, some lost their shoes and a few art pieces got washed away 🌧️🌧️.

As we bid 2023 farewell, our Retro Rabbit family is filled with appreciation for our outstanding team. Fuelled by commitment, hard work, coffee and a lot of Retro spirit, we were able to launch and develop awesome products 🐇💫.

Thank you to our incredible Brand Manager, Nomsa, and her team for closing off 2023 in the perfect Retro Rabbit style 💚.

Get ready for more exciting innovations as we dive into 2024!

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