Netherlands, here we come

Why are we expanding into the Netherlands? To us, it feels like the real question is: why not? That being said, we still believe that our core business will be based in Africa; we simply want to open the doors for our kids, who would want to explore the rest of the world.

Before Covid hit, we spent a lot of effort and time pushing into east Africa. Unfortunately, we were forced to reevaluate that direction, as we felt that it was going to take the rest of Africa a while to get back to "normal" after the pandemic. For that reason, and because of the hospitable environment in the Netherlands, there was a clear winner to us in terms of our choice of expansion.

Retro Rabbit has 140 full time software developers and designers at the moment and we believe we are only scratching the surface of where we can be. Many of these kids have expressed their interest to go work overseas for a while, and rather than risk losing our amazing talent, we are finding ways to accommodate their lifestyle needs.

So, when the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency asked us if we would like to make a showcase video about "Why South Africa?", we were thrilled! I believe the video was a phenomenal success. It shows both our diverse talent pool as well as the diversity in who we are.

We have now recently finished the registration of our Netherlands operation company and have started engaging with possible leads. We firmly believe that, both for the children of Retro Rabbit as well as the company itself, this is an extremely positive move. Given Retro’s agile and unconventional approaches to problem solving and system building, we feel that Netherlands will be fertile grounds. While Dion Nair (CEO) will still be heading all our African projects, the initial founders will be focusing on the Netherlands until there is a firm base there, for RR to expand onto.

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