IoT Makeathon '22

It turns out Phlippie was right and soldering was kind of easy. (ง︡'-'︠)ง

On the 10th of September, a few of us came to the beautiful Retro office to build the ultimate doomsday device... ok it was just a temperature sensor. However, it was still a fantastic experience if you've never worked with IoT devices before, and I would definitely recommend it even if you're not the most technically inclined.

Resident IoT guy in action

On the day we had our resident IoT guy Ian Carr that helped us set up our IDE and drivers we needed to use to play with the ESP8266 controller we were going to use.  We then proceeded to have a mini competition of who can take the data from the barometer and either upload it to Firebase or have a live updating website.

After this Ian allowed us to solder and create an IoT sandwich (don't try to eat it and don't ask me how I know). This was quite a challenge because I shook like a madman and may or may not have soldered a few pins together but we don't speak of that.

Careful, that's hot!

After this, we just sat around and played with our new toy. The adventure was not over for me yet. Later that evening I remembered reading up a few years back on how the ethernet protocol works and connected two digital pins from one microcontroller to another and started creating a simple implementation of the protocol. This was a real chicken and egg problem, as you have to build the tools to test this thing that doesn't even exist. After finally implementing the protocol...I was defeated by pointers. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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