DevConf Viewing Party

After being forced to go fully remote in 2020, the folks at DevConf have decided to run the conference in a hybrid fashion for now. On Thursday April 7th, while the conference took place in-person in Johannesburg, virtual attendees could also watch the talks from the comfort of their homes.

But at Retro Rabbit, we realise that the comfort of our homes is boring and lonely! So instead, we organised a viewing party at our awesome offices. Nine of us checked in for snacks, coffee, banter during the breaks, and exchanging notes.

Yay, party time!

One cool thing about doing it like this was that, when someone realised that the talk they were listening to wasn't as enlightening as they'd hoped, they could just ask around for an alternative suggestion!

Absorbing some knowledge

We were also able to support a speaker from our ranks, Jade Abbott, with her great talk about why organisations are failing to profit from data science. You can watch her talk here.

Go Jade!

And if you're wondering, the answer is yes: we did get all the cool merch.

This was honestly a really nice way to attend a conference. We got to absorb the knowledge, argue over some of the finer points, see our work friends, binge on snacks, share a few drinks afterwards, and walk away with a branded tote bag full of goodies!

Just kidding. The best part is the stickers.

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